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SHT Pinterest Clone CMS Script Clone is a unique Pinterest website cloning website that you can use to create your own social networking site and earn a stable income with tools developed for this CMS.

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SHT Pinterest clone CMS is a Pinterest cloning software that allows users to create their own social networking site. and earn a steady income with a variety of complementary monetization tools (Google adsense).

Despite being considered the best clone of pinterest on the market, but it quickly passed the principle of a site combining concepts of social networking and sharing photos and albums.

After more than 2 years of development, it currently has more than 50 functionalities and custom designs and there are more than 5 sites all over the world. Moreover, it can be considered as a virtual social market where sellers and buyers meet.

This site can be an inspiration for people who want to create their own social networking site. The powerful and versatile platform can make projects unique and tailored to the needs by choosing between the features offered. And if the user did not know which feature to use for his project, SHT Pinterest clone CMS offers the most sought after and most popular combinations and also offers business models ready to be used.

The script is based on a system to publish, share, describe and organize the content enjoyed by Internet users, It is an online bulletin board script, users can pin images from their personal computers . As a CMS SHT Pinterest clone CMS, it also allows users to collect websites and pages from the web.

Technology used

The site is developed with the most famous framework Laravel very powerful and versatile that it is enough to install it in your server to have a site like Pinterest.

We use well developed technology based on image reading algorithm

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